Patient Gwen’s Success Story Part 2

Video Transcript

Stuart Chiropractic Tech: Once again, I just want to say thank you so much for coming in and doing this video for us. We want to help more people who may have similar issues to yours. You’re welcome. So, can you share the health issues or symptoms that you were dealing with before coming to Stuart Chiropractic?

Gwen: Yes, I mainly came in because of headaches. But I also had back issues and problems with my knee.

Stuart Chiropractic Tech: In what ways has your experience at Stuart Chiropractic been different from, or perhaps even better than, other healthcare providers you’ve seen in the past?

Gwen: It’s much better. Years ago, I saw a chiropractor who used more traditional methods like manual adjustments. So, this has been a much better experience.

Stuart Chiropractic Tech: Okay. Were there any specific techniques or methods used here that you found particularly effective or beneficial for your condition?

Gwen: Yes, the activator. This is my first time experiencing the activator, but it’s really good. We find it more helpful than other methods. It’s amazing—I don’t understand how he can find the exact point and then use the activator on it without it hurting.

Stuart Chiropractic Tech: Alright!

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