Overcoming the “I Can’t” Mentality

Video Transcript

This is more of a video, an approach, and a philosophy to health. Right now, it’s freezing cold outside, minus 15 degrees, and the sun is setting in the background amid fog. It’s just me and maybe one other person out here. I wanted to go for a walk or a run to get my body moving, even though my wife tells me it’s too cold.

During these moments, I have to ask myself, why am I out here running in this cold weather? I know that by doing this, I’ll get a better night’s rest, feel more energized after my run, and feel better about myself. I want to overcome the mindset of, “I can’t do that, it’s too cold.” This will help me on other days when it’s warmer and easier to get out, making those challenges easier to handle.

Getting over this hurdle will help with the next one. I really encourage you to take on challenges. It doesn’t have to be on a cold day, but think about whether at the end you will feel proud of yourself and good about the effort you put in. Will it help you in other areas of your health and life?

So, take on the challenge and see where it takes you in life. Take care.

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