Are You Trying To Reach A Big Goal?

Video Transcript

Dr. Alibhai here. Are you trying to reach a big goal, overcome adversity, get over pain, heal, or do something a bit more ambitious or different? Well, ask yourselves, are there people who are building you up or pushing you back down? I often think of it like a soccer match. There are people in the stands cheering for different players and teams, critiquing every move.

“Why did he pass to that person? Why isn’t he running faster? Why did they aim for that corner?” They say he should have, he could have—or she, for that matter.

Now, consider if you are actually on the field or in the arena, competing and doing your best. If you have people on your team who are there with you, grinding it out, and offering helpful, constructive feedback, those are the people you want in the arena with you.

To those in the stands, ask them, “Are you going to join me on the field?” instead of just telling me what to do from the stands. Find people in your life who are on the field with you, who can build you up, provide constructive feedback, and keep you accountable to help you reach your goals. Because, again, I want you to have the best year possible.

Have an amazing day.

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