Why You Should be Stretching Your Calves!

Video Transcript

Hey everyone, Dr. Alibhai here. If you often strain your back, it’s likely due to excessive rounding while bending down to pick something up. Ideally, your back should remain straight. This rounding often occurs because our calf muscles and heel cords are tight and restricted from repetitive strain or prolonged sitting.

By lengthening these muscles, you can more easily maintain a straight back when bending down. Make sure your entire foot remains in contact with the ground, rather than being up on your toes or arching your back.

One effective way to alleviate this tightness is by rolling out your calf muscles using a lacrosse ball. We have a video on that, or you can use a foam roller. Alternatively, practicing the downward dog position in yoga can also help.

If you’re frequently straining your back and struggling to keep it straight, the issue may stem from tightness in your calf muscles. Try these exercises and let me know how they work for you. Take care. Bye now.

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