Side lying sciatic nerve flossing exercise

Video Transcript

Hello, everyone, Dr. Alibhai here. Today, we’re delving into a sciatic nerve flossing exercise. If you’re experiencing leg numbness, tingling, or persistent hamstring tension, this is for you. The goal? To encourage the sciatic nerve to move more freely within the spinal canal, reducing inflammation and discomfort.

Start by lying on your side, affected leg facing up. For instance, if your left leg is the issue, position accordingly. As someone who dealt with a disc herniation six years back, I can empathize with these sensations. Maintain a relaxed head position and ensure your hips are aligned. Extend your upper back and neck gently, then straighten your leg.

You might encounter some resistance, but take it slow. Focus on deep breathing as you extend the leg further. Hold for five seconds, ensuring any discomfort stays below a four out of ten. Next, curl into a ball, grasping the top of your foot. Pull your heel toward your buttocks while extending the leg backward. Hold for ten seconds, gradually pushing a bit more with each breath.

Transition back to extension in the upper body. Notice the increased range of motion in your leg. Repeat the sequence several times, alternating between extension and flexion. Avoid excessive tension, particularly in the lower back.

Consistency is key. Aim for five repetitions daily, even if symptoms are minimal. If swelling persists, consider applying ice. I’m confident this exercise will provide relief. Keep me posted on your progress. Stay well.

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