Squat for Older Adults – Getting Stronger in a Safe Way

Video Transcript

Hey everyone, Dr. Alibhai here from Stuart Chiropractic. I’ve got Avtar here, a military man. He has volunteered to demonstrate an exercise that has been beneficial for his back and knee pain. He’s seen a lot of improvement by doing this over the last few days.

Avtar is sitting on two pillows, which is helpful if you’re looking to strengthen your legs and back, especially if you’re experiencing back pain, are deconditioned, or older. The pillows elevate you, making it easier to stand.

He will demonstrate a squat from a seated position. Notice his feet are planted firmly on the ground, shoulder-width apart. As he stands, he drives his knees outward while trying to maintain an upright posture, exhaling as he pushes up. Let’s watch Avtar do a few reps. Go ahead, Avtar.

Good job. Okay, sit back down. Breathe out as you stand. Notice how he keeps his back straight and controls his descent. Avtar has been practicing this, so we’ll remove one pillow now to increase the challenge slightly.

Good job. Let’s see a few more reps from this height. Breathe in, breathe out. Excellent. Drive the knees out as you come up. Good. You can sit back down, nice and controlled. Well done.

This is an excellent exercise you can safely progress at home. Start with three or four pillows if necessary and gradually reduce them. It’s okay to feel some discomfort or even soreness afterward, but over time, you’ll build leg strength, improve your balance, and reduce the risk of falls. I hope this helps. This exercise is a real gem. Thank you so much, Avtar.

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