Ankle mobility

Video Transcript

Hey everyone, Dr. Alibhai here. We’re going to focus on getting your ankles moving. There’s a saying, “You’re as old as your feet.” We want to ensure our feet are moving properly, and yes, we check your feet on the table too. If I haven’t yet, just remind me.

To improve your ankle mobility, start by testing it. Place your foot on a low surface like a small countertop or a chair. From a comfortable stance with your back straight, see how far you can drive your knee forward before your ankle gets stuck.

If your movement is limited, take some deep breaths, breathe out, and try to drive your knee forward again, enhancing the mobility. You might even hold your ankle to support it and push for more range of motion. Remember, the movement should primarily happen in your ankle after your knee has reached its full bend.

If you find yourself stuck, breathe deeply and push into that end range. If it’s painful or you feel a pinching sensation in your hip, it might be a good idea to back off and try a cat-cow stretch or roll out your quads.

Another technique to try is moving the chair forward, or holding onto a door handle or wall, and attempting a deeper squat. If your heels lift off the ground, it’s a sign your calves are tight, and you should consider doing a calf release exercise, which you can find online.

By supporting yourself and shifting back and forth, you can really challenge the end range of your ankle mobility in that squat position. Try this out and take note of where you feel stiffness. This will help you identify the areas that need more mobility work. Take care and have a great day. Bye now.

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